apply_filters( "paginate_links_output", string $r, array $args )

Filters the HTML output of paginated links for archives.




HTML output.



An array of arguments. See paginate_links() for information on accepted arguments.

More Arguments from paginate_links( ... $args )

Array or string of arguments for generating paginated links for archives.

base stringBase of the paginated url.

format stringFormat for the pagination structure.

total intThe total amount of pages. Default is the value WP_Query"s max_num_pages or 1.

current intThe current page number. Default is "paged" query var or 1.

aria_current stringThe value for the aria-current attribute. Possible values are "page", "step", "location", "date", "time", "true", "false". Default is "page".

show_all boolWhether to show all pages. Default false.

end_size intHow many numbers on either the start and the end list edges.

Default 1.

mid_size intHow many numbers to either side of the current pages. Default 2.

prev_next boolWhether to include the previous and next links in the list. Default true.

prev_text stringThe previous page text. Default "« Previous".

next_text stringThe next page text. Default "Next »".

type stringControls format of the returned value. Possible values are "plain", "array" and "list". Default is "plain".

add_args arrayAn array of query args to add. Default false.

add_fragment stringA string to append to each link.

before_page_number stringA string to appear before the page number.

after_page_number stringA string to append after the page number.


File: wp-includes/general-template.php.

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$r = apply_filters( "paginate_links_output", $r, $args );

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