apply_filters( "ngettext", string $translation, string $single, string $plural, int $number, string $domain )

Filters the singular or plural form of a string.




Translated text.



The text to be used if the number is singular.



The text to be used if the number is plural.



The number to compare against to use either the singular or plural form.



Text domain. Unique identifier for retrieving translated strings.


File: wp-includes/l10n.php.

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$translation = apply_filters( "ngettext", $translation, $single, $plural, $number, $domain );

More Information

This filter hook is applied to the translated text by the internationalization function that handle plurals (_n()).

IMPORTANT: This filter is always applied even if internationalization is not in effect, and if the text domain has not been loaded. If there are functions hooked to this filter, they will always run. This could lead to a performance problem.

For regular translation functions such as _e(), and for examples on usage, see gettext().

For context-specific translation functions such as _x(), see filter hook gettext_with_context() and ngettext_with_context().

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