iPhone 15 Series Could Finally Solve The Charging Cable Problem For Users

iPhone users can finally enjoy using their charging cables for years, especially if they buy the upcoming iPhone 15 models this year. Apple has been offering braided cables for MacBook users in the past year, and now it seems the same charging cable could be offered for iPhones as well.

That’s not all, the report suggests Apple could pair the iPhone 15 models with colour matching braided charging cable in the box for buyers. Having braided cables will not only help you with faster charging thanks to Apple finally moving to USB C port, but you can also feel assured that the cable won’t break without any heavy usage. Offering cables that match with the iPhone model is also an interesting change from the company, one that will surely appeal to the prospective iPhone 15 buyers.

Apple is clearly getting a new look iPhone 15 lineup coming next month, and it is hardly surprising that people are excited with all the leaks and rumours about the features of these models. Earlier it was suggested that Apple might keep the colour-coded braided USB C cable limited to the iPhone 15 Pro variants but it seems the company has now decided that all the iPhone 15 models will be offered with these new cables in the box.

You still have to buy the adapter separately as the company has stopped offering it with the iPhones over the past few years. The rumours have gathered pace in the past few days as we are less than a month away from the big Apple iPhone 15 launch event.

The company has been forced into a corner with adopting USB C for iPhone charging by the EU lawmakers but that could finally allow the device to support faster charging speeds. Having the charging cables in rose gold, grey and black colours for iPhone 15 models will be really intriguing and hopefully the quality holds for a longer time.

Apple is also rumoured to be rebranding the iPhone 15 Pro Max model to Ultra from this year onwards. Earlier it was suggested that the company will bring the first Ultra variant with the iPhone 16 in 2024 but that seems have to changed for some reason.

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