Meta Rolling Out Threads Web Version Today: What To Expect

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has announced that Meta’s new micro-blogging platform Threads will soon be accessible on the web. The company has already begun the rollout of the web version for Threads.

“We’re rolling out Threads on the web over the next few days and everyone’s excited," Mosseri wrote on Threads. On the web, Threads users can post, view their feed, and interact with posts from the desktop. However, the web experience won’t be identical to the Threads mobile app for now.

In a Threads post, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also announced that the web version will be available to users in the coming days. He shared a picture of himself with the caption, “Here’s me working on Threads for the web. It’s launching soon."

According to a report from TechCrunch, in the coming weeks, the Meta team is adding more features to make the web app as capable as the mobile version. Desktop users won’t have the ability to edit their profiles or send a thread to Instagram DMs (direct messages).

Last week, Mosseri hinted that progress is being made with the web version. In reply to a user’s post, Mosseri stated, “Desktop web will arrive well before foldable support. We’re almost there with the web and not focusing on foldables."

Mosseri mentioned that the company has been running internal tests of an early web version for a short while, but there are still improvements to be made before a broader release.

Just a few weeks ago, Meta’s Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg assured that the web version would be arriving soon. Ever since Threads was introduced, users have been eagerly awaiting the web version, which unfortunately has been notably absent.

In related news, the Meta-owned micro-blogging platform is rapidly losing daily users. Despite becoming the most downloaded non-game app in a decade and surpassing 100 million users, the platform has reportedly been losing users at a rapid pace.

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