Apple MacBook Pro With Touch Bar Now Part Of The 'Vintage List': All Details

Apple is finally ready to close the chapter on the MacBook Pro models that came with a touch bar for controls. The company has added the MacBook Pro models from 2016 to its vintage list, which means that if you have these products, chances are you might have to go around for third-party repairs as Apple officially ends support for the device and its accessories.

The MacBook Pro with touch bar was announced in 2016 but the company didn’t probably find it meaningful enough to continue as the newer models had the regular function keys for these features. The touch bar was supposed to be Apple’s next big feature that others would have likely adopted but the quick turnover of the tool means that the industry never felt the need to offer the feature.

In fact, we have seen the trend move towards dual-screen laptops in the Windows segment, with brands like Lenovo, Asus and more setting the future of the PC segment in a different direction.

Moving the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar to the vintage list also implies that you are not guaranteed to be eligible for repairs through Apple Stores or Apple’s authorised service centres. That might not be the case if you are willing to take a risk and repair the product using third-party repair centres in the country.

It goes without saying that having a list like this (vintage) also helps people decide whether to continue using a product or upgrade. Apple has a loyal base of users for its Mac products, and giving them details about these changes means they continue to have them in their ecosystem.

Earlier this year, we saw other Apple products like the iPad Mini, iPod, older MacBooks and iPhones added to the list. In addition to these, the Apple Watch first-gen model also made its way out of Apple’s official lineup.

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