Sony PlayStation Plus Pricing For One-Year Plan Increased: What You Pay Now

Sony PlayStation Plus subscription prices are going up if you take the annual plan from the company. The new price for the PlayStation Plus annual plans has come into effect from September 1 onwards.

PlayStation Plus subscription offers a wide array of benefits for PS gamers and you have different tiers of the plan that carries its own advantage. Sony caters to the PlayStation Plus Essential, Extra and Premium annual plans that have previously come for $60, $100 and $120, respectively.

With the PS Plus Essential plan, gamers get two games freely downloadable in a month, access to online multiplayer gaming, saving games on the cloud and games with appealing discounts. Sony is now charging $80 (Rs 6,500 approx) for the annual plan in this tier.

Coming to the PS Plus Extra, Sony offers all the benefits that the Essential tier gives but also gets access to a catalogue of PS4 and PS5 games. This plan now costs $135 (Rs 11,070 approx) for the same period.

And finally, you have the Premium plan that is now priced at $160 (Rs13,120 approx) gives you everything that the Essential and Extra subscribers get, but you also have the option of playing games that are compatible with PS One, PS2, PS3 and even the PSP, allowing you to play them over Sony’s cloud service.

Sony informs that the new pricing comes into effect when you renew or sign up for either of these PS Plus plans. The changes will be applicable in all the PS markets, while the 1-month and 3-month plans will be available for the same price.

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