Apple Event: These Key iOS 17 Features Coming To iPhones - NameDrop, StandBy, Journal And More

The Cupertino-based tech giant Apple is set to launch the next-gen iPhone 15 series smartphones on September 12 at its ‘wonderlust event.’ The new iPhones will come with the latest iOS 17, bringing a bunch of fresh features and improvements.

Some of the key iOS 17 features include StandBy mode, NameDrop, Journal, Extended call history, and more. These updates will be available for iPhones later this month.

Here are some of the important features coming to iPhones this month with iOS 17.

1. StandBy: Teased during the WWDC 2023, the iOS 17 has a new Standy feature. By turning iPhone on its side while charging, you get a new full-screen experience with glanceable information designed to view from a distance. You can choose clocks, photos, and widgets to display.

2. Contact Posters: The Phone app is getting a big update. Now you can customise the profile based on callers and even put your avatar as the lock screen image on the iPhone.

Called Contact Posters, the feature works when you get a call from the person for whom you have set up their photo profile. You can also add fonts to personalise the posters even more and the best thing is you can use it for third-party calling apps as well.

3. Messages: Now you can use search filters to find exactly the message you are looking for and view a transcription of your audio messages.

4. FaceTime: New video effects give you more ways to express yourself on all video conferencing apps, including FaceTime. You can now make FaceTime calls on Apple TV 4K using Continuity Camera.

5. NameDrop: Now you can easily exchange your contact information by simply bringing your iPhone near someone else’s iPhone or Apple Watch. The same gesture lets you share photos or kick off a SharePlay session.

6. Journal: This brand-new app lets you capture your life’s everyday moments and special events by writing about them. Journal also includes scheduled notifications to help build a habit and look back to past events to generate new insights.

7. Passkeys: iOS 17 brings easier ways to share passwords or passkeys. The sharing is done via the iCloud Keychain and allows people in the group to edit or even add new passwords which is available to all of them in the group.

8. Siri: Apple has confirmed that it is dropping Hey word to activate Siri on iPhones. The company also said it will let you converse with the voice assistant without saying Siri every time.

9. Maps: With iOS 17, you can now download maps and use them while offline. Select an area you’d like to access, search and explore place information, and get routes for all modes of mobility, all while offline.

10. Adaptive Audio For AirPods: On iOS 17, the Cupertino-based company is bringing a new AirPod feature with adaptive audio that switches based on your environment.

It is important to note that iOS 17 is compatible with the iPhone XR/iPhone XS and later, which means it drops support for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

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