ChatGPT Now Allows You To Make Logos And Banners: Here’s How

ChatGPT is now capable of doing a lot of stuff, including helping you write a resignation letter and draft a step-by-step article with sources plucked from all over the internet. But now the AI chatbot is also getting the ability to make logos, banners and other design items thanks to the new Canva plugin that is available for ChatGPT users.

Those using Open AI’s chatbot can download the Canva plugin from the ChatGPT plugin store. Canva also has its suite of AI features that came out earlier this year but having a direct link to the AI chatbot through its plugin will not only make it easier for people but also help the feature reach more ChatGPT users.

Canva is a popular tool that helps millions create design templates, logos, and other web-related content. The platform introduced its own AI features but ChatGPT integration through a plugin makes the whole process faster, as you just need to feed the command/query to get the work done.

To get plugins on ChatGPT, you need to be a subscriber, for which there is the ChatGPT Plus model that also gives you access to the ChatGPT 4.0 version.

The Canva plugin on ChatGPT can be integrated through the web browser of your choice, where you can open the AI Chatbot and look for the plugin store that ChatGPT offers for its subscribers. Search for the Canva plugin and install the same on the browser. Now, you will see the new plugin in ChatGPT’s main window from where you can start using Canva.

Now start using the AI Chatbot with the Canva plugin to create new artwork or banners. Just send a query to ChatGPT and you will get a list of options from which you can choose one that fits your description. Just click on the link of the preferred option, after which the file will open on Canva where you can edit if any changes are needed and download the copy or share it with other Canva users.

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