Coles-branded credit cards leaked in Latitude incident

The Latitude Financial Services data breach continues to spread, with Coles on Saturday announcing some customers of its house-branded credit card were affected.

First revealed in mid-March, the Latitude breach exposed more than 14 million records.

Last week, the company disclosed that it had received and turned down a ransom demand.

On Saturday, Coles published a brief statement relating to the breach.

The retailer said that “historical Coles credit card holder data has been affected,” adding that “Latitude has not yet advised Coles of the number of impacted customers or specfiic details of the beach.”

Coles said Latitude is now advising impacted customers, and refers affected customers to Latitude’s website for information on protecting their personal information.

The breach affected Coles credit card customers who signed on prior to March 2018, when Coles Financial Services switched to NAB-owned Citibank.

“We are disappointed that this cyber incident has taken place and apologise for the inconvenience and uncertainty created," the Coles statement concluded.

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