Apple iPhones Could Soon Get Scratch Resistant Body: All Details

iPhone users have a hard time keeping their device in top shape, which has given birth to a whole new market of iPhone accessories. The glass body gives it a premium look but all it needs is one accidental fall, for the device to smash into pieces.

While most iPhone users invest in a rugged case, the future models could be far more durable than what you get today. Apple has filed for a new patent that looks to solidify the body of the iPhone and make it scratch resistant.

The new filing suggests Apple hopes to design iPhones to make them scratch and abrasion resistant. The new materials are likely to be blended into the back panel of the iPhones, which means the days of rugged iPhone cases could soon be over.

The patent suggests Apple will rely on materials that are abrasion resistant called the Spatial composites. The document of the patent filing names Apple engineers, Stephen Lynch, Teodor Dabov and Christopher Prest as the inventors of these materials.

So what is the spatial composite that makes iPhones scratch resistant? It is said to be a mix of metal and ceramic composites that have properties which make the panels scratch resistant.

The company believes that the new composite offers the right balance of durability as well as delivering clear radio connectivity, which can be a challenge with the existing materials used to make the iPhone back panels. The patent filing is for the spatial composite but one can see the direction in which Apple is headed with this new material.

iPhones cost a bomb and keeping them safe becomes critical but now Apple moving to other materials mean the price of iPhones could go even higher, which is hardly surprising looking at the way iPhone prices have gone up in the past few years.

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