Google Brings New Unknown Tracker Alert For Android Users: What It Means

The fear of tracker devices lugging in your bag is a major privacy issue, and Google is finally giving you a solution to the problem. Android phones are now able to alert users if they have any kind of tracker in their bag, pocket or anywhere close to them. The feature itself is called Unknown tracker alert but it seems that only Apple AirTags are the only non-Android tracker that the tool is able to detect for the time being.

Google says the feature will work on any phone that has Android 6.0 or higher version, which covers most of the Android devices available in the market in the past few years. The alert feature can be enabled via the Google Play services which comes built-in from Google and most likely they will issue an update to push the new feature. The company has mentioned that the tracker alert has a three mode protection in place that are notify, action and scanning.

Google Unknown Tracker Alert - How It Protects You From Stalkers

When your Android phone has the feature enabled, you will be alerted about an unknown Bluetooth tracker that is tagged with you. The notification comes with the alert button, which gives you details about the position of this tracker, and silently takes you to the device without the owner knowing its change in position.

But that’s not all, Google will also give you information about the tracker, which includes the serial number of the device and even the last four digits of the person who owns the unknown tracker.

The company is also letting Android users scan for similar unknown trackers in their vicinity and also guide them through the next step to either disable the tracker or look to thwart the stalker.

The feature is compatible with AirTags, so in case some iPhone user has planted the tracker in your bag, the unknown tracker alert will red flag the device and help you follow through with the next set of actions on the whole situation. It is likely that other trackers will also be compatible with the alert tool in the coming months, which makes it extremely useful for Android users across the globe.

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