YouTube Shorts Is Making Links Non-Clickable To Reduce Scams

YouTube is taking action against scams in the comments section, descriptions, and feeds of YouTube Shorts videos by removing clickable links and introducing a new system, as misleading links have become a major problem on the platform. The new systems will make it more difficult to spread malicious links.

YouTube notes that this attempt to stop malware, phishing, or scam-related content being circulated in links in YouTube Shorts comments and Shorts descriptions will make links “non-clickable starting August 31, 2023.” This change will roll out gradually so it could be possible that not everyone sees the change all at once.

YouTube said that since introducing Shorts, the frequency and volume of content being published has increased, but “this speed and level of engagement has made it easier for spammers and scammers to share links in Shorts comments and Shorts descriptions that harm the community.”

The company will also be removing “clickable social media icons” from all desktop channel banners from August 10, 2023, as they hold the potential to lead users to misleading links.

What Alternate Is YouTube Shorts Bringing?

YouTube will introduce new “safer ways” by the end of September to allow audiences to access creators’ other YouTube content. This is because sharing links and recommending products is important for creators.

Image: Google

Further, starting as soon as August 23, “viewers on mobile and desktop will start seeing prominent clickable links on creators’ channel profiles near the ‘Subscribe’ button,” YouTube said. But, the links that users share must comply with YouTube guidelines.

In June, YouTube also introduced another much-requested update—wherein users who want to create fan channels or already run one, will have to ensure that they “make it obvious” by choosing a channel name or handle that suggests that their channel doesn’t represent the original creator, artist or entity. These changes go into effect starting August 21 later this month.

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