OnePlus India Offers Lifetime Warranty On Screen For This Issue: All Details

OnePlus is finally tackling a serious problem faced by its customers, and offering them lifetime warranty for the issue. Many OnePlus owners have complained about the green line issue on their phone’s display, which has become widespread in the past few months.

The company has remained silent on the problem so far but now OnePlus has confirmed that any customer using a OnePlus phone having the green line on the screen gets lifetime screen warranty, which means you can replace the screen free of cost for as many times you face the issue.

The brand shared this update via a statement in this report, which will definitely please the existing OnePlus owners who have been affected by the problem, or any future buyer who decided against buying from OnePlus because of the issue. The warranty seems to be limited to its buyers in India for now, but we are hopeful that other OnePlus markets also get this option in the near future.

The green line is not being seen as a hardware defect but loosely attributed to an issue with AMOLED panels, something that brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi and Vivo use quite extensively. But OnePlus is the first to raise its hands and ensure that customers aren’t aggrieved because of an issue that is not their fault.

In addition to the screen warranty, the company is also giving some of its users the chance to upgrade to a new model, for which it has come out with discount vouchers. The report states that any OnePlus 8 Pro, 8T, OnePlus 9 and 9R owners who have faced the green line issue can avail these vouchers to buy a new OnePlus phone at a special discounted price.

As per the details given, the brand stores are offering discounts up to Rs 25,500 and a further Rs 4,500 discount if you upgrade to OnePlus 10R from the aforementioned models. The company is aware that the older models will have limited spare parts, so people would ideally prefer a new phone, and the option to upgrade makes sense.

It is pleasing to see OnePlus doing its bit to fix the public perception because of the problem, and invariably puts other brands on the spot, forcing them to act on the issue to keep the customers happy. The company is also gearing up to launch its first foldable in the market called the OnePlus Open.

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