WordPress Translations for Premium Plugins

  • last updated: 6 April 2020
  • software version: WordPress 5.5.x, WordPress 5.4.x, WordPress 5.3.x, WordPress 5.2.x, WordPress 5.1.x, WordPress 5.0.x, WordPress 4.9.x, WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6
  • files included: PHP


The community in WordPress is very large, and then, you can find a lot of plugins with a bunch of functionalities that you’d like to add to your WordPress Webpage or Woocommerce ecommerce website.

The most of the plugins are not translated in Spanish

This WordPress plugin will translate the most premium plugins in spanish. This is an Addon plugin, that means, that it does not include the original plugin, only translates it. So it depends of the original plugin.

This Plugin will translate to Spanish these plugins:

Affiliates PRO v (99%) | View Plugin

Business Directory Plugin – Ratings v5.0.3 (100%)

Cart to Quote for WooCommerce v1.0.11 (62%) | View Plugin

ConvertPlus v (100%)

Follow Up Emails v4.8.13 (55%) | View Plugin

Fooevents Express checkin v1.2.3 (100%) | View Plugin

Fooevents Tickets PDF v1.2.9 (100%) | View Plugin

FS WooCommerce Wallet v2.4.2 (52%) | View Plugin

Mapplic v5.0.2 (100%) | View Plugin

Mappress PRO v2.53 (29%) | View Plugin

Multi Order for WooCommerce PRO v (64%) | View Plugin

Recover Abandoned Cart WooCommerce v22.4 (58%) | View Plugin

Restrict Content PRO v3.2.3 (87%) | View Plugin

Revolution Slider v6.1.5 (75%) | View Plugin

Save & Share Cart for WooCommerce v2.20 (54%) | View Plugin

Search Filter PRO v2.4.6 (52%) | View Plugin

Testimonials Show Case v1.9.4 (31%) | View Plugin

Tribe Events Calendar PRO v (86%) | View Plugin

WCMP WooCommerce PDF Invoices v2.0.4 (22%) | View Plugin

WCMP WooCommerce Product Manager v3.1.5 (32%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Advanced Quantity v (100%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce API Manager v1.5.4 (27%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Brands v1.6.8 (100%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Composite Products v4.1.0 (100%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts v2.3 (78%) | View Plugin

Fooevents v1.11.27 (55%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Force Sells v1.1.15 (100%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Google Product v7.6.0 (53%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Memberships v1.8.7 (100%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Min Max Quantities v2.4.1 (35%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Product Addons v2.9.3 (36%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Product Reviews PRO v1.12.1 (87%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Products Filter v2.2.2.1 (45%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Subscriptions v2.2.19 (100%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Waitlist v2.1.2 (78%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Wishlists v2.1.12 (79%) | View Plugin

WP All Import v4.5.6 (81%) | View Plugin

WP Mail Bank PRO v4.1.2 (55%) | View Plugin

LearnDash v3.1.7 (100%) | View Plugin

WooCommerce Local PickUP Plus v2.8.2 (100%) | View Plugin

WooTour v3.2.5 (100%) | View Plugin

Gravity Forms Populate Anything v1.0 (100%) | View Plugin

Don’t you find your plugin translated?

Please send me a message and we can translate and include in our plugin!



Updated Fooevents at 1.11.27, Cart to Quote for WooCommerce, Follow Up Emails, Mappress, Restrict Content Pro, Recover Abandoned Cart, ConvertPlus, WCMP Invoices, WooCommerce Google Product, WP Mail Bank.

Added LearnDash, WooTour, WooCommerce Local PickUP Plus, Gravity Forms Populate Anything.


Added Restrict Content PRO, ConvertPlus

Updated: Follow UP, Fooevents, Multiorder, Recover Abandoned Cart, Revolution Slider, Search Filter, Tribe Events, WooCommerce Google Product, WooCommerce Composite Products, and WooCommerce Product Reviews.


Updated WooCommerce Events to 1.8.20

Updated FS WooCommerce Wallet to 2.4.2

Updated all plugins to last version and translations


Solved bug updater.

Removed plugins: WooWallet, Yith Google Product Feed, Members and Modern Event Calendar.

Added Plugins: Cart to Quote for Woocommerce, FS_WooCommerce_Wallet, WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts, WooCommerce Composite Products, Testimonials Showcase, WooCommerce Composite Products, WooCommerce GLS.

Updated translations: Follow Up Emails, Search Filter Pro, Tribe Events Calendar, Email Cart.


Added WooCommerce Brands translation, Tribe Events, WooCommerce Product Filter, WooCommerce Product Review PRO, WooCommerce Product Addon, WooCommerce Product Feed, WooCommerce Product Filter, Mapplic, and WooCommerce Color Swatch.

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